Wednesday, August 1, 2012


A Non conscious person has a probability of 0.00000003 to become a billionaire. That is 220 billionaires in 7 billion persons. Imagine firing 7 billion balls at a basketball net from one kilometer distance - about 220 will randomly hit the basket. This can be explained as a simple probabilistic nature of the universe. Some may go under radar, but some will boast themselves and become public figures like Donald Trump. If one sees close enough it will be quite clear that Donald Trump uses no intricate arts of business except crazy-like-leveraging that most of his fellow some 200 billionaires use.

A Very Conscious person has no chance to become a billionaire. Most probably a life that is paradox, a smart person who is one step ahead of most in understanding the nature of universe but also one step short in terms of such understanding from some. He has smaller chance to become billionaire because he is risk averse without true understanding of risk itself, he is better conscious of the environment but short of vision, he is rich in knowledge but short of philosophies. He dies as an intelligent but poor person with complex life.

But a Truly Conscious person has no interest in becoming billionaire. He is two steps ahead average person in understanding the universe, the meaning of life. Some fellows of Trump eventually evolves to the third stage, luckily, people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet gives away all their fortune and leaves exclusively nothing for their children - to let their children find the meaning of life themselves....

Also there might be a few steps more...

Quantum uncertainy

I have studied quantum physics for the past 3 weeks.

Quantum or sub-atomic level
The discovery is - scientists i.e. quant physicists have no clue about the fundamental building blocks, their reactions, energy interactions or whatever that we are made of. No one understands clearly how we get mass, how quantum interactions relate to worldly interactions i.e. the apparent mis-relationship between newtonian physics and quantum physics. The one of prevailing String Theory sounds like a kids imagination without any sound mathematical support to it. Standard Model hypothesizes sub-atomic particles but fails when it comes to gravity and energy interactions. Newtonian physics and Einsteins relativity can not describe quantum matters, from which we are all made of. Without understanding the building blocks and its energy interactions, Newtonian physics may fail at some point to explain celestial objects thoroughly.

Universal level
The origin of the universe is nothing but a speculation. We have no understanding about 99.6% of the universe where it is prevailed by Dark Matter and Dark Energy - of which we have no clue.

Infrastructure of Capital Markets: Development Model For Mongolia: Essay I

There must be a reason why financiers paid that much. Well, there is. Although many of their pays are baseless.

The fundamental reasoning is that Financial Markets act as irreplaceable systematic mechanism for "distribution of Wealth/Resource/Knowledge".

The idea of existence of a pure, perfect government has always been falling apart for millenia. It is very similar to an idea of living-forever, pure, perfect, never-mistake-producing CEO of a corporate. In ancient times philosophers took a step beyond the imaginations (unnamed philosophers that are the greatest) and laid foundations for a complete system (not for a single body) that promotes an environment for a just/true/pure society.


Truth usually is not what everyone thinks that is true. Because people tend to base their judgements on attributes only without seeing the fundamental reasoning.

True quality of truth is its independent existence from anyone's judgement. This must actually be the heaviest philosophical paradox once one spend considerate amount of time and energy on this matter. (For others it just doesnt mean anything and sound nonsense. If it sounds nonsense then it does imply that such listener is at greater distance from the truth)